Procedure for the re screen

How will I be informed about the re screen?

  • Participants will be informed via an invitation letter and accompanying information sheet, the research team also hope to provide information sheets to the GPs in the Living Health Clinic (LHC) to further advertise the study.

What do I need to bring to the re screen?

  • Details of what to bring to your appointment will be outlined in an information sheet provided to you.
  • You will also be asked to bring all the medications and supplements/vitamins that you take.
  • You will kindly be asked to provide an early morning spot urine sample.
  • We will also ask you to kindly bring in a list of any antibiotics you took in the last year.

How long will it take when I go for the re screen?

  • You will approximately be 2.5hours in the Living Health Clinic in Mitchelstown.

How many times will I have to attend?

  • You will be scheduled for two appointments. During your first visit the team will take fasting blood glucose and the second visit to go through the computer aided personal interview and the physical measurements.

If I can’t make a re screen visit who will I inform?

  • If an appointment has been scheduled and if you cannot attend you can ring the study member in the office to re-schedule an appointment.

When will the results be published?

  • Some results from the baseline have been published already. Please see the publications tab for a full list of publications that were made possible as a result of the participants taking part in the study.
  • Participants will get feedback of their blood results via their GP/nurse within one month of sample given.
  • Study results for the re screen will emerge approximately one year after data collection has been completed.

Do I have to tell my GP?

  • All GPs in the living Health Clinic will be aware of the study so you can tell them you are participating if you wish. However, whether you choose to participate in the study or not this will not affect your usual care with your GP.