Principle Investigator

Professor Ivan Perry is the Principle Investigator.

Ivan Perry was appointed Professor of Public Health in the  Department of Epidemiology and Public Health in 1997 and over the past years he has led the development of a flourishing, multi-disciplinary Department of Epidemiology & Public Health 

Professor Perry was previously, Senior Lecturer in Epidemiology/ Assistant Director of the UK Small Area Health Statistics Unit at Imperial College, London. He has over twenty years experience of population health research including the design and analysis of major national studies, including the Cork and Kerry Diabetes and Heart Disease Study, the Cork Coronary Care Community based Case Control Study, the SLAN 2007 National Health and Lifestyle study and the Mitchelstown Cohort Study. 

Professor Perry is the Foundation Director of Ireland’s National Self Harm Registry.He is Principal Investigator on the HRB Centre for Health & Diet research which was established in 2008 and was awarded a renewal of funding in 2014. He was a co-Principal Investigator on the PhD Scholar Programme in Health Services Research funded by the Health Research Board in 2007. He was also a co-Principal investigator on SLAN-07 a national health and lifestyle survey.

Professor Perry was Chairman of the National Primary Care Steering Group established by the Minister for Health in 2001. He was a member of the Cardiovascular Health Policy Group which drafted the 2010 Cardiovascular Disease Strategy and he is a member of the Ireland’s Scientific Advisory group on Obesity (SAGO) an expert advisory convened by the Department of Health and reporting directly to the Minister for Health.

The major focus of his research work over the past five years has been on public health nutrition with particular reference to his role as Principal Investigator of the HRB Centre for Health & Diet Research, see He has also published extensively on the distribution, determinants and prevention of suicidal behaviour and he has provided research leadership in the area of health services research (HSR). He has considerable national and international experience as a peer reviewer with international journals and funding agencies, including the British Heart Foundation, the UK Medical Research Council and the Wellcome Trust.

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