Health Research Board

The Health Research Board (HRB) is the lead agency in Ireland supporting and funding health research. They provide funding, maintain health information systems and conduct research linked to national health priorities. Their aim is to improve people's health, build health research capacity and make a significant contribution to Ireland's knowledge economy. Click here to go to the HRB website.

Four clear goals support the delivery of the HRB Strategic Business Plan 2010 – 2014. These are:

  1. Driving the development of excellent clinical research, including applied biomedical research, within a coherent health research system.
  2. Building capacity to conduct high-quality population health sciences research and health services research.
  3. Working with key partners to develop and manage high-quality national health information systems.
  4. Generating and synthesising evidence, and promoting the application of knowledge to support decision-making by policy makers and relevant practitioners.